Mad River Serenade

Anyone have any seat or knee time in this model? Looks to be a shallow V with either sliding seat or pack canoe style seat. Thanks.

It’s very wide for me but turns easily especially when heeled to the rail. Good secondary stability

Haven’t tried it in pack boat form

How pronounced is the V and is the hull efficient with a single blade?

Not very to me
I used it for FreeStyle so most of my boats tend to use the whole hull. Single blade of course

Test paddle if you can. For my purposes OT was kind of sluggish spinning but for go ahead speed reasonable. But not for me. I need to get a vertical paddle plant for speed and its a scootch to wide for me to do that

Your dimensions may be different and your experience too

my Flashfire and have owned an Osprey, MR Indie, MR Slipper, Bell Merlin and others. Sold off through the years as I retired and took care of personal cancer issues. Looking to get back to solo with single blade. No tripping but photography, fishing and playing.