Mad River Synergy canoe-yak

Has anybody found a link to this new 2007 canoe-yak from Mad River? Their web page is still the 2005 catalog.



I looked for it too. Seemed like a really neat rec boat

here is at least a link to a pic

but I find it odd to use a name they already have for a canoe in the 90s-guess the folks at confluence didn’t know their own heritage…

I love my (old) Synergy, though…

Really sad.


There’s some pictures in Dec Canoe &
Kayak. It looks pretty interesting. Has anyone seen it in person?

I’ve seen the 12 foot model at a demo.
Was going to paddle it the second day of the demo, but it was a prototype, had a leak, water got in the hull, and it had no drain. Do a search on, there was a thread on it and the new WS Ride, also one on the new Perception Search 135. As far as the Synergy, the thread on TKF said that they put tow guys weighing a total of over 500 lbs in it and it still had plenty of freeboard. Good capacity, not sure about it having ability to install hatches and it has no scuppers.

not knowing their heritage?
Maybe they do know their heritage but don’t care. Kind of like Ford naming that 1975 piece of crap a “Cobra II”

McYak, you out there?

I asked a rep why the kayak/canoe
was named after a canoe that had a limited run. His answer was that they tried several names, but discovered other boats with the same name. When the looked at Synergy as a name, though it had been used, they felt it described the new boat best.

12 feet and two guys? Places certain
limits on useful performance.

Who said Cobra??!!
Better not be a mustang kind…

Only the AC will do!

No heater, snap on side windows, no radio, erector set top (knew where every overpass was when it looked like rain) but that damn animal could run!

Amazing part…the hi-po 289 331hp was one of the easiest engines to work on I ever had.

The were testing it at a Confluence
meeting. Just wanted to see what it would do. Performance is not an issue with the new Synergy, don’t think its the kayak/canoe for anyone looking for that. Some people do like to play with new toys.