Mad River Synergy

Can anyone help with some information about this boat? Not alot in reviews except its a tad on the heavy side. Have found two that are priced good but could use any help you can give me. Thanks

You mean the poly quasi-kayak, or
the REAL Synergy, the whitewater tandem canoe?

If you’ve found two REAL Synergies for sale, you’re very lucky.

I’ve got a Synergy 14
For me, it’s more maneuverable than a Manta Ray 14 or a Tarpon 140 or 160. It’s a great river boat. Doesn’t have scupper holes so it’s more like a canoe. Some folks prefer storage with hatches, I’m fine with the tankwells.

It’s a little heavy, but not more so than other plastic SOT’s.

I’ve heard of folks having a great time with it in the surf.

we have 2 14’ers
and we like 'em alot. they are a cross between a canoe and kayak. they really aren’t very similar to a SOT, because you sit lower, they don’t drain and are actually a SINK with no deck.

EZ to get in/out (no deck) sit sideways dangling your feet, some rocker (maneuverable) and quite fun. yes any 2 layer boat is going to weigh something.

good luck