Mad River Tempest

Does anyone have any experience with or know anything about the Mad River Tempest? I could not find it in the reviews.


Sit & Switch
The MRC Tempest competed with Sawyers ShockWave and WeNoNah’s Advantage as a citizen’s sit and switch racer in the late 80’s. Neat boat, and Rob at VT Canoe has a plug boat!

Look at …
the Mad River Canoe website under Customer Service. They have scanned a 1988 and 1999 catalog. The Tempest is in the 1988 catalog. Yeah, Confluence! Good job.



My son has one…

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It's a down river racing canoe if I'm not mistaken. Very few of them around...He paddles it out of Pensacola Fla. and just loves it. He uses it for a training boat as he does some ultra marathon races. I'm pretty sure it's a mid '80's design. All I can tell you is he really loves that boat. Not that this helps you but if you want, I can have him contact you...He's (as he likes to have it said about himself) a naval aviator. He's an officer in the Navy stationed at Pensacola NAS....Heck George.... what are you doing being interested in anything but a Sawyer? Hey... Have you tried an Autumn Mist yet? Maybe mine might be available...