Mad River Trailblazer Canoe?

Hi, does anyone have any information about a Mad River Trailblazer canoe? I am looking at one but have not been able to find any details either from or anywhere on the web. It’s a Royalex, 2-seater, 15-foot canoe. Thanks!

You mean a used Trailblazer? Or
a “discontinued” example at a dealer? As you say, this model is no longer on Mad River’s website. See if you can find a long-time Mad River dealer who would have carried that model. Possible examples would be Nantahala Outdoor Center in NC or Rutabaga in Madison.

I can assure you that the Trailblazer was NOT a specialized whitewater tandem like our 15’ Mad River Synergy. Beyond that, you can judge its purpose by looking at the rocker (none, little, some) and its bottom (often V-bottom for Mad River).

15’ is a bit short for a general purpose tandem canoe, though there are some well-designed exceptions such as the Bell Morningside.

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