Mad River Voyager 17'?

There’s one in the classifieds.

I can’t find any info on it.

Anybody know what this boat is?

When they were made?

What the intended use is?

Material? Beam? Rocker?


I recently found one for sale too. In my opinion, the boat is like a larger Explorer. 17.5’ and about a 36" beam. It has lots of volume and moderate rocker. Only offered in composite to my knowledge.

There was a 17’ Royalex Explorer.
Saw one owned by outfitters on the San Juan. Wonder if it was related to the “Voyageur.” The San Juan trip was in '99, so the boat was probably made in the early to mid 90s.

There was a 18’6" Voyageur first
So I’m not sure where lines crossed and what boat is more like another boat.

I own one…
a 1988 model in kevlar. Designed as a wilderness tripper, it paddles well with a load and will handle class II water easily. If thats your intended use, it’s a fine boat. Lot’s of free board and holds plenty of gear (or dogs), does not like a beam wind on the flats though!