Mad River/Voyageur "Rocker"

Has anyone used a “Rocker” for mounting a seat? Winter is fast approaching, and one of my to-dos is to add a center seat to my MRE16-Rx. I saw the Rocker in the MR catalog and on the Voyageur site, and I am intrigued.


Here is a link

Curious thingy, isn’t it?

More than curious
My boat is ~25 years old, and I had originally outfitted it with a solo thwart and then added an ethafoam saddle. Now that I am not doing class III-IV whitewater, methinks a center seat would be more comfy. The idea of being able to pivot to accomodate occasional kneeling is interesting.


Do you really need to change the angle

I’ve always just set my seat at around 9" off the bottom and sat or kneeled as desired. I had a center seat like that in my MRE for a while until I decided I’d rather stand in that boat.

That rocker thingy leaves me with visions (nightmares?)of loose bolts and a seat that won’t stay anywhere.

Somewhere back in the fog of my memory I think I recall a Wenonah setup with steps to accomplish the same thing. Seemed a bit more practical though I think it rattled when the boat was on the car. For some reason I think it was CWDH’s Rendevous or some other Duckhead boat test thing?


Yeah Tom,
that’s how I have the existing bow & stern seats installed (canted forward), too). I guess I’mfascinated by the concept - it is so simple I could fab up a test rig, but I wanted to survey the collective wisdom of P-Net first.

I was thinking of using Yakima wing-nuts for the pivot bolts, or maybe ordering some flat knobs from McMaster-Carr. That should give adjustability without looseness.


Then Do It!
And report back to us how it works.

How else we gonna learn anything?