Mad River vs Bell vs Easy Rider

Hello! I am in search of a canoe and I am having a hard time finding someone who knows boats to chat with. I know not one canoe can do it all but I’m hoping to find a canoe that will be good for all that the PNW has to offer: Puget Sound, rivers (I don’t plan on any white water), lakes that can be pristine or choppy and that I can also pack for a weekend trip. Hoping to buy used but it has been a struggle to find quality via the typical channels. I did come across a Bell Morningstar royalex (love that many say it is easier to solo than other tandems) and an 83 Mad River Kevlar Explorer (but this one seems pricey for being used $1000). We also have Easy Rider royalex canoes here new for a reasonable price compared to other new canoes. I’d love any feedback you may have on these brands or other similar boats! Thanks!

3 good companies.
I have a Bell Northwind and it does everything pretty well.
MR Explorer is similar type boat, some rocker , good secondary stability, fairly deep, enough width for some carrying capacity, but still has some speed.
Easy Rider is not known well outside of the PNW.