Made a good purchase SeaKayaker magazine 1997-2014

Collection was sold to me at a good price. More to ship than buy 60 lb. Hated when they stopped publishing. I have some issues from 2009 on I bought. Glad the seller took the time to post them to me. I really appreciate his effort. Now I have near two decades of reading. Some are even pre 1997. Many thanks to the seller for a great library!

I’m so jealous. It broke my heart when Sea Kayaker (and also Paddler) went out of business.

Good score, PD52!

I subscribed to Sea Kayaker for years and now they’re just gathering dust. Coincidently I just opened one a couple of days ago, but I can’t remember why.

Paid 40 for them and 78 to ship the sixty pounds. I like reading them. Price of dinner for two. But where does the dinner end up? Books last a long time.