Made in USA

I’m looking to buy a Current Designs 2009 Vision 140 Kevlar Kayak and was wondering if anyone knows if it’s made in the USA? I know Current Designs is now manufacturing some Kayaks in China but I’m curious if this or any model was made in the US.



I bet they do
Give them a call.

When I test paddled one two years a go it had a nice label that stated made in China.

Vision series
The Vision series is definately made in China, thus the lower price. It’s also why many CD dealers refuse to carry them.

Bill H.

made in US is better
It is sad to paddle a boat made in China by someone who has never paddled a boat and could never afford to buy a boat. And there are the Epic quality nightmares when they started making boats in China. Epic tried to retrive their boat making molds from a chinese factory and were told Epic no longer owned them. “Possession is 9 points of the law.”

I have 3 boats all made in the US and am very happy with all 3. Seda glider. EFT and van dusen mohican ski