Made it into lake Erie

Just a little bit.
We were staying at East Harbor state park while competing at Camp Perry. We paddled the harbor and it was OK, but on a whim since the wind wasnt to high and the weather was decent, we took the channel out into the lake and went north along the shore.
It felt worse than it looked and moving long side to the swells was a little nerve wracking at first. The were large enough, maybe 1.5-2 feet at the worst and were breaking on the rocks with enthusiasm. Really got the hips in gear. I only needed one brace, mainly because I dropped the paddle while on a swell and it didnt hit much and I over balanced a bit. Just a light touch and a admonition to pay attention. The other guy was in a 13’ Castine and he paddles pretty strongly, but the old Sea Lion liked it I think because I walked away from him and i didnt think I was paddling hard. May have been because of nerves…
A couple days later we had though about going again as we had a half day. Water would have been nicer, but 0400 starts had taken the fun seeking out of me.
Anyway, it was kind of cool for a mostly river guy. I am not ready to head for Canada over the lake though. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


It is about the same distance there to Canada as from our state park in Erie to Longpoint. You have a couple islands to rest at on the way. Every few years we have someone swim it.

Sounds like you had fun.

were you shooting? I live near Lorain. Oh and haven’t read of the Perry competition lately in the papers. Know it’s a yearly thing…

Yep, the national matches. They didnt have it last year for the first time since WW2 and this year it was up in the air for a bit. I think the restaurants and everyone else appreciated that it was on. Discount at Cheese Haven :+1: (munching a garlic cheddar and crackers now)
That is a real nice park for camping to go to Perry. The rangers enforce quiet hours correctly.

Varminitmist…you shooting high power?

Seems like Bullseye was going to be at Camp Atterbury again.

Service rifle and games. Got into service rifle late in life a couple years ago. Picked up a hard leg this spring, missed points at Perry by 3. Considering the cut was 479 and I dropped 16 standing in the first 10 min of the match, I did OK. The NRA does their own thing at Atterbury now. The only NRA match’s I shoot are mid range 6x600 and I do that with the service rifle just for 600 yd practice. Not much this year because of shortages though.
Next year I think I am going to forgo the games and go out a week earlier to shoot the 800 Agg. take SAFS and maybe shoot the Presidents 100. I did an 800 agg this spring then the EIC and I think I am just more ready after 3 days of range time.

Edit, because that will be extremely confusing for anyone not in comp shooting…
Legs are given if you are in the top X% of all non distinguished shooters at a match. The top is a gold leg, and that is 10 points, the next couple are silver legs, they are 8 points. Those are considered hard legs. The rest are bronze and are worth 6 points. Bronze are above the cut off score.
Distinguished. You earn 30 points with at least one hard leg. There are about 2600 in the world, since 1870 something.
Service rifle. Ar-M1A-Garand, Springfield… Some mods, but not a tricked out space gun. Mostly AR
Match consists of 10 min standing slow fire at 200, then a sitting rapid 10 in 60 seconds, standing to sitting with a reload, then at 300 a rapid fire prone, standing to prone in 70 with a reload, then 600 yard 20 slow fire in 20 min.