Made the Leap Into a Kayak!

I’ll be turning 50 October 26th and I picked myself up an early birthday present. Eddyline Sitka with a nice carbon Werner paddle and a very comfortable kayak specific PDF. I already had a lightweight, compact bilge pump. Soon I’ll need a good skirt.

I think the Sitka will be everything for me and more. Largely calmer waters; lakes, some rivers and streams. I live in NY and purposely built my home near Taconic/84/87 so I’m in a great place for travel to New England as well as PA and NJ and Catskills as well as the Adirondaks.

I’m overall a New England guy (born and bred!) so I see lots of trips to VT and NH and a few to some of the amazing lakes Maine has to offer. Moosehead may be the first one.


Sounds good and remember your PFD.

Congratulations. I noticed 2 Sitkas out with our group on Saturday. Let us know how everything goes for you.

Nice kayak. It will serve you well
Its predecessor, the Samba, was my third boat. Still have it as it’s fun to paddle.

Nice boat - I was looking at that boat as well.

Have fun.

Congrats! I looked at the Sitka for my rec paddle group to replace my Pungo 125 I kickedout of my stable. Nice yak. I decided it was a bit too long for transporting kayaks in the back of pickups for river paddles so I’m opting for a Delta 12.10 this spring.