madriver adventure 14..?

hi all

anyone did try to fish in the madriver adventure 14…?

is it good quality,?

is it stable…?

those the sun affect it…like other sheap price canoe…?

what your view about that one…

ok i have 3 canoe,but not one is great for fishing,and i want to go for a kayak,but i am a big man,280…6,1…so not akll kayak fit,and some do,but there aint mutch space left for equipement,

so i might have to go for a ocean prowler big game,or somthing helse…




For kayaks for big guys, the
Fish and Dive, Drifter, Ride, and maybe the Ocean Kayak Malibu II are good, the last one is a tandem, but can be paddled solo. For a sit-inside, an Old Town Loon 138 or Dirgo 140 are good bets as is the Old Town Predator. I wouldn’t buy Mad River, their rep has gone downhill.

OK Malibu II
I’ve got one and have used it for fishing. I take so much equipment that another paddler once asked if I was camping for a long weekend, when in fact I was just fishing for the afternoon.

On another trip I rescued another paddler whose boat had gotten away from her by having her sit on the bow seat while I paddled from the center seat. I also had all my gear, plus all the gear from two other paddlers whose stuff I was shuttling from a portage when she spilled. So, three people’s worth of stuff, me, and another paddler who bypassed “svelte” some while ago (though is no less charming for it). I am 6’3" and 240#.

I’ve also paddled a Perception America, and some of the even smaller Perception recreation kayaks for fishing.

I think you’re low-rating the capacity of a recreational kayak to carry you.

Now, they may not be appropriate for the type of water you’re fishing, or maybe you’re just a really picky son-of-a-gun who’s not happy unless he’s miserable. I don’t know. Maybe none of that. Nevertheless, at your height, weight, and even with a fairly generous helping of tackle you can make a recreational kayak work for you.

That’s not to say that they’re better than canoes for fishing, just saying that you shouldn’t exclude them out of hand for the reasons you stated.

As far as sun, use some 303 on your plastics and try to keep them in the shade. You can always cover them with a tarp. Nothing’s going to stand up to being left in the blazing sun unmoved and unprotected for extended periods. That’s just not a reasonable expectation. I’ve got plastic boats over five years old that are stored outside and are still in very good condition with minimal care - 303, rack in the shade, and a tarp cover.

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How about 340 lbs…
I had a buddy who tipped the scales at 340 lbs. He fished from a Malibu and did quite well. He was slower than most of us but he certainly managed to catch fish.

Mad a Mad River
They are still making Mad River 14tt canoes and if you can find one it is a good fishing canoe for a heavy fella like you or me.

Mad River Adventure 14
I have mad river adventure 14 (Roto molded poly boat not TT) that I fish out of. I am 6’ 275 and it does ok with just me in it. I can stand up in it and cast a fly rod and it has plenty of space for all my gear and is easy to get in and out of when I float the river. Slow maneuvering in faster rivers from the middle seat and not as stable as I was hoping with two people. Really shines with just me in it.

I have not had any propbelms with the sun and was actually told by my dealer if there was a dent or somehting to put it out in the sun and it will return to shape unless it is something catastrophic.

It is a pretty tough canoe so far but I am looking at an Orion TT. Something I can row like a drift boat.

Good luck and I hope this helps!

Prowler 13
I have a Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 .It fits me good I 6’4".I really like the way it handles and all the storage space it has.I do not need a rudder as it paddles good without one.I live in Florida and mostly fish the intercoastal waterways and tidal marshes.Try out the prowler 13 and you wont be dissappointed.

Mad River
I own a MR14tt and I really enjoy fishing from it. I live on the LF river here in AL, and I fish from it often. It is a great canoe for solo fishing. When I get two people in it, a lot of the fun is lost. It doesn’t track near as well and too much time is spent trying to stay facing downstream. When I take a partner, I usually motor up my Flat bottom. If you fish mostly solo, it will be a great buy. Last febuary, I bought a Personal Pontoon (kick boat), and it is a blast to fish from.