Madriver Sunrunner

I am intersted in information about the MRC Sunrunner canoe. Google yielded specs, but no user feedback / reviews.

Compared to a Malecite or Ranger Otter?


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The Sunrunner was one of a series of ~ 17' touring hulls Jim Henry designed in the 80s and 90s. The mighty Rabbit was trying to compete against Sawyer and Wenonah in the western half of the Minnesota to Maine canoe market.

They were all nice boats, just never caught on out West. Part of that may have been market position and price. The competition was using aluminum rails and tractor seats, which reduced weight and cost.

And, MRC was perceived as building tripping and down river racing canoes. Malecite was one of the great short class down river racers. A fine tripper/ tourer for a compact tandem team.

Mike, at Ranger, makes a fine general purpose ~16 foot hull. Otter is 1.5" wider than Malecite, so it'll haul a little more; be a little more stable.

And, check another NE craft builder, Vermont Canoe. Their ~16 foot Encore is back to Malecite's racing w/l width of 32". It'll have a little less volume, be a little quicker and a little more tender than the others.

Funny that Malecite has pooched out a little since her racing days - just like me.

MRC Malecite a racing canoe?
Just got one and don’t know much about canoes, Malecite in particular. Were Malecite all 16’-6" long? Mine has 3 seats. Looks like a fibre glass lay up. Bought it used.

More correct to say that it is a canoe
that has done well in the “short” cruising class. Add a half a foot, and you can have a 17’ Jensen, quite a bit faster on a lake.

Madriver Sunrunner
Anyone out there with details and expereince with a Kevlar Madriver Sunrunner canoe?

The Sunrunner was a good boat for day cruising. It was a little shallow, thus couldn’t afford much gear carrying capacity. It was Mad Rivers only answer to all the tumblehome/tucked shoulder type designs by the competition. It was discontinued when they came out with the '18 Horizion.

It was a nice, efficient flat water hull with not a ton carrying capacitity, despite it’s length. It also got a little wet in big waves and chop. It was pretty immune to windage, too.