Maelstrom Kayaks ?

Whats up with them, now that boreal design went bankrupt and apparently sold off to a chinese manufacturer ? There website says new models and new website, stay tuned. It has said that for awhile now. I am seriousely thinking about buying the vaag as an upgrade from my poly necky chatham, but have been waiting to see the new models. Does anyone know any imformation as to whats up with Maelstrom and also any new models ?

I would give these folks a call…

I believe they were the US Importer for Maelstrom. If anyone knows, they should.

I had heard that boreal kayak was taken on by riot kayak, which is out of montreal. Riot designed some very interesting white water kayaks… maybe they can do something for the boreal lines too, But most assuredly not made in china, as I understand.

Vaag Is Good

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Paddled a friend's for a few hours - very, nice nice kayak, felt completely comfortable soon as I sat in it, handles beautifully and excellent workmanship. Don't think one would disappoint...,

Yes, Riot bought Boreal but
they do make their kayaks in China these days. I think they will move production of Boreal’s boats offshore too. Maelstrom remains independent. If the OP wants to know what’s up. I suggest he contact Maelstrom directly, rather than via their US dealers. The OP is in Canada I believe.