Maelstrom Vaag ?

Questions for the Vaag owners. So, I’m looking for an upgrade from my Poly necky chatham 17 and the vaag is the boat Im interested in. There are only 2 dealers that I can find that has them. One is 4hrs away and the other is 1.5hrs away. I booked one for test paddle for the afternoon on sunday. Im sure Im going to love this boat. Im 5’10" and my weight is 195lbs, I do most of my paddling on lake Huron and Georgian Bay and once and awhile calm inland lakes. Crave the waves and large swell, So I believe this is the boat for me. I really hope I like it when I demo this sunday. Both dealers want $3200 and both these boats have been lightly demoed, the one apparently only demoed twice.

Do these prices sound reasonable ?

Will the vaag outperform my chatham in every way possible, aside from being lighter and stiffer ? I have spent 3yrs with my chatham and my skills have progressed quite nice over the yrs,I get out alot. This will be my first venture into a composite boat and with them being so expensive, Iwant to be wowed. I love my chatham and just looking for something better. I hope the vaag makes my chatham feel like crap so that I can justify spending $3200. I the vaag is one of the best looking boats I have ever seen, I just hope it outshines the chatham in everyway possible. Would love to hear imput from you vaag owners, please include some of your dislikes about the boat as I never have found any bad coments yet.

Your views and info will be greatly appreciated.

Good big guy’s boat
I’ve only paddled the Vaag a couple of times, but I loved it.

Something between a Nordkapp, Tempest and Cetus. Kind of.

I’m 6’6" and 220 lbs, and I thought the Vaag fit me quite well. At your size, it may be a little big.

Good luck. Have fun.


Good Deal
Enjoy your new Vaag!


See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

I was in a similar situation not long ago. I had been a tempest 170 RM paddler since 2003 and was looking to move up. I tried a Maelstrom Vital up at White Squall but only on their pond. I am 5’11", 175#s and it felt REALLY good on. Rolled and balance braced like a dream and responded very well to an edge. I didn’t get a chance to try the Vaag but based on the people I talked to I might be a bit on the small size for that unless I was looking for a tripping boat. I was looking for a playboat. I ended up buying a TideRace Xcite and am very pleased with the upgrade from the Tempest. I might have liked the Vital or even the Vaag better but never got a chance to get them out on rough water. I did have the TideRace out in some rough stuff on a demo and I was hooked.


Good Kayak
I’ve demo’d the Vaag twice and loved it. Playful and responsive. I did find it twitchy in chop.

I see it retail for $4000, so sounds like a good deal.