Magazine ?

Does any body know of a magazine geared toward Freshwater fishing from kayaks ? I get the feeling there should be one out there I picture Kayak Angler or something to that effect . I know there are enough equipment manufacturers and subscribers to support a publication .

There may be articles, but I know of no
freshwater kayak fishing magazines. This fellow is one of the best kayak fishing guide on the Texas Gulf Coast, contributes to a couple of magazines and has written a book on kayak fishing, but its mainly bay stuff. Rigging of the kayak would be similar unless you are into down rigging or some specializes style of fishing:

freshwater fishing mag
Paddlefish, I would love to know of any publication about freshwater Yak fishing too. That would be mostly what I’d be doing when I get my 1st Yak. I do live close to the NC coast, but I would mostly be fishing fresh water creeks and rivers.

canoe/kayak fishing data
Use this title to access google search. There the first place is Canoe Kayak.Com. There are other references to other mags. If it’s outer banks try your States web site for fishing. My state of Tennessee has so much reference material I made a notebook of data I wanted. Try Sportsman’s and find your state’s mapping with only references to fishing guides. There are other sites also. Try for outer banks fishing and find info.

Thanks !
Thanks for the info ! I put them in my favorites , it would be nice if the maps from the Sportsman’s Connection were downloadable to my Garmin . It would be nice to get with a group (a few ) guys who wanted to explore lakes in my area for fishing possibilities ,there are numerous bodies of water that are not easily accesable by means other than yak.

you’ve got a good kayak for fishing.
I own a Loon too.

I think so !
I told a guy @ work I had been thinking about a kayak and he had mentioned that he didn’t usr his much because his wife found interest in going down the river with him in the canoe so he quit using it . I got it for $400 with the sprayskirt and paddle , delivered !I put my suction cup to the fish finder on the side and my gps on the spray skirt right in front of me so if I find depressions or any structure I mark it and save it till ice season.