Magellan GPS Question

I have an old Magellan GPS 315. Recently I was looking at the manual and came across the “TrackRoute” feature that I have never used. I understand that you can “Reverse” a route to go back the same way you came out along a given programmed route. I also understand that you can use the “Backtrack” to create a route that is the reverse of the “Track History” points to go back the way you came if you had “Track History” running but were not following a programmed route. What I do not understand is when or for what purpose you would use “TrackRoute” which is described as a “reverse Backtrack”.

Any explanation of the why’s and wherefor’s of this “TrackRoute” feature would be appreciated. If I am incorrect in my ideas on “Reversing a route” or the use of “Backtrack” I would appreciate any feedback on those functions.


I have a 315 and it’s great…
… for finding moon rise and sunset times. Other than that it is older and difficult to use. I use it for speed and I program start and destination coords, turn it off and put it away for emergency use if I get really lost using my compass and chart.

I’m thinking about the color/map units and joining the 21st century.

Also thinking of upgrade
I have had mine since 2000. Thought that before upgrading I should try to use all the features to see if I could get by a little longer with the older equipment. The GPSMap76Cx at West Marine for $299.00 is looking like a really nice deal, but still that is a lot of bucks especially if I can get by with the GPS 315.


(L) Just paddle with friends…
…that have a new one and save on batteries. The color ones are very visible if you just pull alongside…