Magellan SporTrak Pro Marine

Does anyone know if the Magellan SporTrak Pro Marine provide tide information? I am thinking about buying one and am between the Magellan and the Garmin Map 76.

Garmin Map76s
I have the Garmin Map76s and It is a great Gps.

It has tidal information as well.

Older not
We got a SportTrac Pro on sale about a year ago - that version doesn’t have tide info. Best to check with West Marine or the Magellan - they may have added it.

Garmin Map 76S
I also have this GPS, and it is excellent, and includes the tide info.

Garmin GPSMAP 76 (not “S”)
is a bit cheaper - also excellent - and also has tides.

Yse, it does have tide info
"Built-in information for major tide stations enables you to confidently navigate from port to port without having to guess about the conditions ahead."

For product details, go to:

Out of curiosity,
How much info is loaded? For instance, might it have tides at teh Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, but not at Crisfield Light?

Just curious.


On my GPSMAP76
it has more than I need. Depends on local stations and what would be considered major enough to include. I get pretty much all the same ones I check online locally.

Can’t say for your area, or the Magellan. Should be similar. Call them.