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I’ll be using a Bell Magic for a trip to BWCA. Since I weigh 225 lbs, how much gear weight can I safely carry?

Go to the link inside for what Bell

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thought about load for the Magic.

I couldn't guess at a figure, but maybe you can infer one from their data. I think you could go a little above the top end (280#) of their optimum weight range and still outrun the ducks.

My load
I go 200 lbs and typically haul some 80 lbs when tripping.

I don’t think I’m close to to the max comfortable load in the Magic.

Looks like 280 is a good figure
Shouldn’t be a problem, I usually pack light.


Great BWCA Boat
My Kevlite has a whole bunch of miles in up there. Have fun!

On the question of weight, I can tell you it will hold a nice load. I was going at 200 pounds, Greydog at 45 pounds and a pack that goes in the 50 pound range, and it easily could have swallowed another 25 with no hitch.

Enjoy the trip.


Just got back from the BWCA, and the Magic performed great. No serious waves because I stayed on smaller lakes, but the 20+mph winds were no issue. I had about 280lbs, and the Magic handled the load no problem.