Magic vs. Magic

Recently bought a Bell Composites Magic, and used it for a BWCA trip. I was thinking of writing a review, and was wondering if there is a significant enough difference to warrant a separate section from a Bell Magic.

Have you paddled a Bell Magic?
If so, I would think you would be well-qualified to answer that question.

If not, you could still certainly comment on the build quality.

Somebody’s got to be the first.
It might as well be you. I’m sure there are a lot of curious paddlers that want to know.

I’ve never paddled the…
Bell Magic.

I’m very happy with the purchase of the Bell Composites Magic.

It might be helpful
if you could take some measurements, especially of beam amidships at the gunwales and maximum beam. Someone with a Bell Magic might give the corresponding dimensions for comparison.

Do it
Yes! you can never have too much information.

I, for one am curious about the new Bells, especially if you’re familiar with the old ones.

Please, more info
I finally picked up a used Magic in Kevlar. Tell us all about the new version. How does the bottom look – the keel line? length of drops? foot brace?

Some differences
I have a Tracing of the gunnels and seats of the old magic and the new magic, They are different by as much as 3/4" up at the gunnels. the new is Narrower between the gunnels. The timble home profile looks different to the eye but no measurements. This summer i was often on the water paddling alongside both models at the same time. Waterline down they looked identical.

Ted’s new canoes
I’ve been salivating over a new Magic from Ted for some time. Was trying to come up with methods to raise $. Couldn’t see that happening. Luckily I got a used one at quarter-price. I haven’t noticed an issue with the tumblehome. I’ve put most of my time in a Bell Rob Roy with sliding bucket seat. It has radical tumblehome. I expected the Magic would be more bothersome – that the tumblehome wouldn’t be enough for my liking. I was wrong.