Magnetic boat rack option.

-- Last Updated: Jul-01-09 2:45 AM EST --

I saw a set of these today, but they weren't in use. The gentleman that I traded canoes with today had them along as back up to the inflatable roof rack that he was using for the first time today.

It's good to have options and these are relatively inexpensive.

Be sure & use bow & stern tiedowns
There’s nothing other than friction to keep a boat from yawing (swinging side to side).

well , I put it on my watch list …
… inexpensive enough , and can see the utility in it for a backup or alternative . I can invision two right next to each other making a wider bearing surface also .

Can also be used as a bump guard
on the rear edge of the roof when loading and unloading boats.

For that matter, it could be stuck anywere on the edge of the roof while loading and unloading to prevent scuffing the roof. Carpets and towels get blown away with just a little bit of wind.

Of course, the boats won’t slide very well on the foam.

I’m thinking of just going to magnets
as a substitute for a mounted roof-rack and tie-down straps

that should work if I drive slow

new developement for canoes
Do I see a market for iron gunwales? Who needs to tie-down boats when the roofrack is magnetic?

Do you still have your Kestrel 120
hybrid? I’ve tried to email you a couple times about it over the last year. I’m still interested checking it out, but I need to sell a boat or two in order to be able buy it from you. I’ve got three for sale now.

Oh yeah, the magnet is only on the side of the foam that sticks to the car with this particular model. But then, you knew that :slight_smile:

If you do put iron gunwales on one of your canoes, I’d like to see it.

how do you make your living

where do you get…
…a magnetic boat?

Sold it last year