Maiden paddle of Phoenix Cascade...

I think. All of the writing on the label was unreadably faded. I think its a 1977. 13’2" wide and 24" wide with a lot of rocker.

I bought it last weekend and paddled it for the first time yesterday. Great stability and turns like a top. Spins when you stop paddling and winds from different angles are interesting to counter the turning effect on the boat. Kind of fun to mess around in the wind. Might not want to spend a full day battling winds.

Most surprising was the speed and efficiency. My lap time in my usual exercise lake near work was just a little slower than my faster boats and much faster than my slower boats.

The seat isn’t very comfortable - pretty much identical to my Phoenix Isere.

The Cascade is much turnier and fun to mess around in than the Isere.

I can’t wait to try it on our local twisty streams and maybe a bit of class I or II whitewater after I get air bags in place.

As a bonus, I finally found a boat that I like to paddle with my 205cm to 215cm ONNO Mid Tour paddle. The paddle that came with it is a way-too-big-for-me Iliad 90 degree whitewater paddle that I can’t hardly lift, let alone actually use with those huge blades.

The less than 30 lb weight is also quite appreciated.

It’s a good fit for me at 5’6" and 165 lbs, though a bit wide in front of the paddling station compared to my other kayaks.

So you’re advising someone to buy
my Phoenix Seewun?

If you think that Cascade has a lot of rocker, wait until you luck into a new school ww boat.

I don’t want a 6’ long kayak.
I only paddle whitewater 1 or 2 times a year, and I do it in my Wenonah Sandpiper solo canoe, so I don’t need a serious whitewater kayak.

The best new river runners are over 8’
Though at your weight, they might be a tad under.

Don’t they also weigh about 50 lbs?
I’m getting older, not stronger.

I’m sure that the seats in the newer ww boats are much more comfortable than any of the Phoenix boats.

I also like ample foot room and don’t like the frog legged position. Do the newer boats accommodate that?

Also, can I get them for $150 near my home?

I don’t envision them being any fun playing around on a lake.

Also, I don’t roll, so I don’t play around that way, so I don’t care if a boat rolls easily.

Some in your size are closer to 40#.
And a Cascade rolls pretty easily. You probably have one of the lighter glass/nylon layups, while my Phoenix has the heavy, indestructible, “Fiblerlastic” layup and weighs close to 50 pounds.