Maiden voyage for our latest kayak

Off and on, Carol and I have been looking for a tandem kayak the last few years. I happened to spot a different tandem than any I had seen before on Craigslist. It is made in South Africa for adventure racing. It is a modified SOT with a cockpit
comb that can take a skirt. Here are the stats… Fiberglass: Length: 19’ Width: 26.8" Weight: 74 lbs Capacity: 550 lbs

Yesterday we had our first chance to paddle it since we picked it up last Saturday evening. It was raining lightly when we left the house at 8:00 in the morning. We paddled in light rain much of the 4.5 hours we spent on the water. It sure felt good after days of highs around 100. We are very pleased. It mores right along, and has enough volume, I believe, to pack all our “essential” camping gear. I am going to add padeyes and bungees straps, and run a perimeter line all the way back to the stern. It needs a couple of strategically placed handles too. Inside the hull required sanding down sharp fiberglass edges and glass splinters. The screws that mount the fittings needed their points capped to protect dry bags. I should have it tricked out this next week. I love the ease and freedom of the cockpits. Have to get use to using the rudder. Paddled with and without it. Seemed to paddle decently solo without adjusting the trim, but the bow was a bit high so trimming would improve solo performance…

Saw blue herons and osprey on their nests, a redheaded woodpecker, a wood duck mama with 13 ducks in a row, and paddled a section of Lake Murray we haven’t been on before. Not many power boats out just a few fishermen.

Looks good and also looks fast.
My wife and I have had several tandems and love paddling them.
The people that call them “divorce boats” don’t realize that the bow paddler can’t see the rear paddler, so it is the stern paddlers job to stay in sync with the bow paddler and that way they will stay happily married and be happy paddlers


Looks like a nice boat and a nice venue to paddle.

Pretty boat Doug. Are you trying to catch up with Medwagone , inventory wise?

Sort of reminds me of what a wide stable surfski for two might look like.

Nice boat castoff. Cute shoes too.

I like the line of ducklings.

Congrats on your new addition to your fleet. Nice photos and kayak!

Cool yak! B)