Maiden voyage: Grumman 13


Took my new old Grumman 13 out on San Pablo Bay (SF Bay) yesterday. We’re in the midst of our Indian Summer weather and the water was like glass, but stayed close to shore, exploring otherwise inaccessible beaches, rocky coves, etc. I’m impressed thus far. Took a bit of getting used to as it didn’t glide quite like I immagined it would, but to be fare, I did have a nearly constant right angle tide, and once I figured that out, it did what it is designed to do. It handles well enough, is tough and very light. I’m using a cheap wood paddle presently but will be looking for something nicer and more effective. Thinking a bent shaft, but wonder if I will need to learn new strokes?

Also, the idea of a kayak paddle crossed my mind. Any thoughts on using such for this canoe?


You might need a double bladed
paddle 96" (8’) or so. Try to get one with relatively short blades rather than a low angle sea kayak paddle. There are a lot of past discussions on pnet concerning double bladed paddles and canoes.

Didn’t even know…
…they made double bladed paddles for canoes. Thanks for the info!

13 Grumman
A 13’ tandem widens much quicker than a 17’ canoe of the same center width. That blunter entry does not make for a great glide. Most 13’ tandems are in the 40" width range, the Grumman is several inches narrower.

As g2d suggest, you will need a long double blade when paddling this canoe solo from the center. But it will aid your tracking.

Enjoy your canoe,