Maiden Voyage = SNAPPED seat

So we finally got the new2us/used 16’ Stillwater out to Falls Lake today and as soon as my significant other sits down on the bow cane seat…SNAP!!! Broke the front support. Apparently her robust rump was too much for the crossmember. (love ya hunny! ;-))

So, it’s off to the local supply tommorrow to get another seat. Do I put a standard replacement in or go order a a heavy duty from Ed’s (www.edscanoe/canoeseats.html) or go with webbed or plastic or what?

I’ve read the archive’s but am not sure what will fit in the tractor/bucket/??? styles vs. a standard cane or webbed one from wherever.

Any advice?

PS: The 2 yr old had a blast and I think we’ve got a future paddler on the team!

Existing crack?
It is very possible there was an existing crack in the support, which can happen from overtightening the hangar bolts. Another fairly common problem is that the seat and hangar were not porperly aligned when the holes were initially drilled. Cane and ash seats are failry robust if cared for properly, and should ceratinly not crack under the weight of anyone able to get in the boat in the first place.

Replace the Hangers Too
Get the “Truss” like seat hangers, they’re sturdier than the the dowel seat hangers on Old Towns. The seat will move arround less, it will hold more weight, and the seat will last longer. Also gives you a bit more speed as you don’t lose as much momentum having the seat move as much when you paddle. WW

hold more weight?
go figure …

the bolts (4 of them) support the seat from above in either setup.

I can see where the seat motion could be a factor in extreme cases, but I wonder how the four bolts that hold everything up become stronger with the truss.

It cracked…
in the center, not at the hangers. Could have been there before but I sat on both seats in the yard while messing with my daughter to get her used to sitting in the boat.

The dowels and hardware look great. Cracked was lengthwise from the center to the side.

Sorry I wasn’t more specific.



My experience
I have a bell Magic and have had seat problems as well. I weigh 280, so I can put some serious stress on a seat system.

I have been successfully using a contoured seat from Ed’s. If you get a new one, make sure that you leave at least an inch of seat rail at the four corners. And replace the small washers that are standard on the hanger bolts with larger diameter fender washers. They will distribute the stress more effectively.

Arch-style hangers will help too - if you have the standard dowel-type there will be more seat movement.


Kayaks don’t have that problem
Sorry, I had to throw that in.


I know…
I’ve got 4 of those…just needed something for the 2 year old to go in where Mom could watch her while I do all the labor.

Fun so far. Just the seat issue. And where to put another boat!