Maine Day Trip

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I will be heading up to Maine from PA, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for some canoe day trips. I am looking for something where i can set up a campsite near the water and do a little exploring/paddling, see a moose etc.

Ideally I would do a multiday trip down the penobscot or allagash, but I am taking the wife so I am looking for a place where i can set up a base camp and do a little exploring. The most important thing is that it is secluded and away from the crowds.

We will only be there 5 days, but i would like to explore the state as much as possible so the more places the better. Also any other non paddling suggestions for things to do is much appreciated. Thanks.

Ok this is like what boat is best for me
Just what part of Maine are you visiting…???

It can take a whole day to get across it especially if you wish to venture onto logging roads.

Lobster Lake is always popular. Chesuncook too. Both are (logging) road accessible.

It takes more than five days to see the whole state when you spend one day each way just driving.

Chamberlain Lake on the AWW is also good for base camp. Its road accessible too (logging roads).

You can only do about 30 mph at most on logging roads (gravel) and bring a spare tire.

Flagstaff too in the Bigelow Range.

Caution…if you basecamp and do day trips you need to be prepared for an emergency camp. Sometimes the weather gets nasty and you cannot get back to basecamp.

There are thousands of other ponds and lakes with undeveloped campsites. An up to date DeLorme Atlas and Gazeteer of Maine is the most reliable guide as to how to get there as logging roads after use are dismantled.

Jo Mary Campground has facilities and a nice lake and its possible to ferret around logging roads to explore neighboring ponds and lakes. Best is its only six miles off Route 11 near Millinocket so the back woods travelled is minimized.

Azincohos is relatively unknown.

Thanks for the suggestions…
Didnt mean to sound so vague, but this is kind of a last minute thing, and as such I dont really have any plans. Me and the wife just decided to wing it and see what happens, and camp along the way. I definitely plan on spending a couple of days at Acadia, but other than that I am unsure. Millinocket sounds like a good idea.

I guess what I had in mind was a place where I can setup camp near my vehicle and paddle from there. I know that could limit the seclusion factor, but since I will only be there for 5 nights thats probably the easiest way.

I figure spend 3 nights camping and the other two will probably be spent in a hotel or bed and breakfast, mainly for my wife.

Millinocket 2 hours from Acadia

also look at the map of if you want less services, total seclusion and the chance to paddle several waters.

Beware…getting around is not quick and the latest map is ESSENTIAL.

Cell phone service is not a sure thing. Sometimes yes, mostly no.

Acadia is jammed this time of the year. Seawall Campground is first come first served, but people sometimes line up for a couple of days to get in.

East of Ellsworth is much less crowded…Schoodic Peninsula is spectacular.

acadia, and downeast
Things are definitely busy this time of year on Mount Desert Island. You might have trouble getting into Seawall campground, but sometimes you can get there first thing in the morning and grab a site. Call Blackwoods now to see if you can reserve a site, but they’re probably fully booked all month.

Further Downeast, Cobscook Bay is really nice. Getting a site on a weekday is likely no problem, and even on a weekend you have a good chance of getting a site because a number of them are unreserved to improve access. It’s another hour and a half east of Acadia though.

Schoodic Peninsula is worth a visit, and relatively deserted compared to the bustle of the rest of Acadia, but I’m not sure there is any camping on the peninsula now that Ocean Wood campground has been sold. I heard rumors that perhaps the new owner would allow the campground to remain in operation through this season, but you should definitely call to verify that before heading out there.

Lamoine State Park is across the bay from Bar Harbor, and it would be another place to try. Not quite as scenic or secluded, but still nice, and about 30 minutes drive from the MDI portions of Acadia, and about 30 minutes from Schoodic too.


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All previous nice... That DeLorme state Atlas/Gazetteer, with all the logging/old-logging roads, is worth its weight in gold...then you can take a look at my wacko $.01 and toss my top-10 list and just look at maps/Atlas.
As said,
A) Mooselookmeguntic/Rangeley/Flagstaff Lakes area(to the West). Then you have ...
B) Moosehead L.(Greenville) and all the water NE, NNE, and north of only ~50mi to West Br.Penobscot and Katahdin Range area from Greenville..up eastern side(LilyBay Rd)..meets up with GoldenRd.(watch the paved from southernmost section(along Chesuncook L) to Ripogenus Dam). Pavement with a few very short stretches of serious potholes =US Army mortar range.

C) Jo-Mary Lake gate(from rte #11)..either:
I-95 to Medway/Millinocket..then south on #11 > I-95 to Milo -> Brownville (Jct.)...via either Lagrange/Milo or Hartland/Milo exit. Then north from Brownville Jct. ~13mi to Jo-Mary gate. Campground or road to north end of lake. Heading in past Henderson Gate..Musquash campsites/ponds, LEFT onto Nahmakanta Rd will take you westward past 2nd Roach Pond to main(Sias Hill Rd.)..north->to GoldenRd ->Katahdin Range, south-> back down to Greenville area...*BUT 3-4 nice smaller ponds, some weeds on bottom=moose dining halls..eastward from Kokadjo(on western tip of 1st Roach Pond)..this is also ~15mi north of Greenville.
..head eastward ~12mi(in on Frenchtown Rd)..located just south of 1st Roach Pond) -> Big Lyford Pond(tenting), 1st(more tent area?), *2nd(15'->deepest(middle)..most of pond= ~8-10'), & 3rd WestBranch Ponds..all have areas to pitch a tent alongside small logging road...

Second WestBranch Pond photo:
...and 2 Short videos, "The Afternoon in a rented Barge(Discovery 169), with dusty flyrod dugout from basement";-):
B) (somewhat abrubt finish;-))

Mentioned...Lobster Lake(from GoldenRd) there are 2 roads to it, one bridge supposed to be worked on..:
Just north of Caribou Gate is Deer Pond...
West Branch Penobscot (paved Golden Road parallels river)...Big Eddy campsite, Nesowadnehunk campsite
*check out vantage point at Cribworks section(go over little "Telos Bridge", park) on boulders...if a hot day...beautiful place, as is Big Eddy, to cool off...
photo-link(Cribworks, Bear Brook)
If you're sure of foot...and are used to walking "along the edge"...the McKay Station...just down from the Dam..leads to the walkway along top of the Gorge.
Chesuncook, Chamberlain, *Allagash Lake(up via Caucomgomoc L. road)...excellent road, easy to see on map. It's a drive by Churchill L.(Churchill Dam end) is moose filled..tenting area, but is a haul...and moose will be anywhere...mostly at dusk, wandering around. Just below Allagash L is Round Pond(all mud bottom as well as shoreline= minute nosee-ums)= NOT the place to setup camp.
If OTOH..coming in from the east(Millinocket) can go into the park(Togue Pond Gate)..staying left...brooks, ~30mi drive up around to Upper South Branch Ponds(top of park) = long haul...but nice terrain..probably moose, but no ponds until you get to UBPonds.
Print this out then I can delete;-)...too much rambling. As said...grab that DeLorme Atlas/Gazetteer= makes life a lot simpler without getting lost.
PittstonFarm(W. tip of Seboomook L)
?? Pray's cabins/stores on Chesuncook(just south of Rip Dam)


Thanks for the info
I picked up the Maine Atlas and Gazeteer… looks like in addition to above, will be a huge help.

Did you decide to lengthen
your vacation…?

6 weeks ought to suffice.:slight_smile:

That’s great…hey as I said…my-stuff was more of a rambling of the mind…;-)…just use it as additional crap…to add into whatever area you end up in, cuz in reality, we all wake up when we wake up…and do what we wanna do…