Maine in June

Looks like I will be up for a non-paddling week in June and was thinking of taking my kayak anyway in the event I get the opportunity to get out. As it would be my first time there I was looking for something relatively easy, protected and without too much tidal concern because it would likely be spur of the moment (although I am familiar with tidal currents.) Looking at a couple guides, Holbrook Island Sanctuary looked good and possibly Stonington. They recommend Old Quarry kayaks to launch rather than in town. We may stay in Camden most of the time but maybe Acadia too. Any thoughts?

bagaduce river
If launching at Holbrook dont go up the river. The tide is racing at the Narrows(average tide over 4 knots). The wrong timing and you could be stuck. Otherwise the area is protected and can give you a day paddle easily.

Dont try to park in dowtonwn Stonington use shuttle services! That Merchant Row string of islands is a fairly protected place but warning a good chart is a necessity as well as full protective and emergency gear. There is a current and the area is prone to fog especially in June and all the islands can look alike. Lobster boats need to be evaded.

From Rockport to Camden is beautiful. There is a park you can beach at and walk to town just south of the harbor area. However this paddle will be subject to open ocean swells. Rockport Harbor is protected but not big with a launch area that shouldnt be too crowded yet. Curtis Island at the mouth of the Camden Harbor is open to exploraton though the light house and the keepers house are not. There is another launch area in Camden on Sea Street.

Off Bar Harbor I like the Porcupines for a tour though Frenchman Bay can get rough.

Another maybe is from the SW part of Mt.Desert and launch from Seal Cove.

I understand the trick to paddling Maine is to watch the weather and remain flexible with some options. I’ll be staying in Camden so I suppose I can launch in the harbor and tootle around from there as well.

bring at least sixteen eyes
The harbor is insane with traffic in June. There is a kayak outfitter at the head of the harbor but there isnt a public launch where the tourists are. Go south down the street in back (not front ) of the post office and the park is the first left about half a mile down. Nice launch. Or the Sea St launch just a couple of blocks north of the mayhem on Rt 1.

Pen bay can have big swells with the prevailing wind from the southwest; comes right in out of the Atlantic with no protection once you are out of the harbor.

You might have a nice day and there are plenty of kayakers in the area so it can be a nice paddle

If it stops raining and winding. Seas today are over 20 feet! Rain rain more rain go away. Its cold too.

You probably know this but a wetsuit or drysuit is very recommended all summer in those waters.

Rockport to Indian
Harbor to Indian Island is a short trip but the island has a light house on one side and public access on the other side. The St. George River offers 12 miles of beautiful paddling from Thomaston to Port Clyde just don’t try it with a south ot southeastern wind. My favorite paddle that is relatively sheltered in the area is Tenants Harbor to Spruce Head Island and back, several small island one with a light house and my favorite Clark Island that has some very nice beaches and about a mile of hiking trails. Tenants Harbor is about 20 miles south of Camdem and Thomaston is about 15 miles south on Rt. 1. Also if you want a real gentle paddle through winding salt flats you can go north on the St. George from Thomaston to Warren. That is about 12 miles round trip. There are also some very interesting lakes to paddle in that area. I will be in Stonington next week and will be happy to relay any info of that area. Fell free to email me for further details.