Maine Lakes

I am planning a trip to Maine next summer - never been there before - and I am looking to rent a house in either the Bar Harbor region or alongside one of the hundreds of lakes. Obviously, Acadia NP is a must paddle area, but any suggestions on some of the inland lakes? I have looked into Moosehead Lake and Sebec Lake a little. Where is the best place to avoid crowds? I am also planning on hiking Katahdin while there, so any place within that region is open for me. Thanks for any help.

Pick up the AMC Quiet Water Guide to Maine. I’ve read mine often-it is excellent for telling which lakes have heavy motorboat, fishing, and camping use versus the quieter lakes. It also points out on the larger lakes like Moosehead, how severe the conditions can be.

There are far too many lakes in Maine to type about them here. I think you’ll find the book very helpful in trip planning.

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Acadia =always a good bet

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Acadia is always a good bet....both to visit and to find crowds. Everywhere else you'll be able to find privacy pretty easily.
Lodging: Greenville and Millinocket areas, PittstonFarm, Rockwood area...then goto the Atlas and check online matching any lodging names...imho.
Towns: Millinocket/E.Millinocket
Villages: Greenville, Rockwood
For the coolest water temps(= most refreshing breezes during hot summer days) ..although the Rangeley, Mooselookmeguntic, Kennebago, Flagstaff Lakes are nice & cold..I always suggest start at Greenville's lattitude(southernmost tip of Moosehead) There's lodging on both East and Western sides of the lake just out of the village as well as "downtown"..and pretty good food & drink and there are numerous ponds NNE of Moosehead that are great for paddling to(2nd, 1st W.Branch Ponds(camps=lodging there too), Big Lyford pond,
**There is a ton of water to the East of I-95 which I don't even get to!(which anyone who knows can tell you). The road on the eastern side of Moosehead..above Kokadjo(1st Roach Pond area) on up to the Caribou Lake area is rather rough in places...but once above there roads are pretty good for woodland dirt roads.($.01)
For any of the larger lakes...all you have to do is to take a look at the Atlas, but any of the Roach Ponds will give you a nice time....or either Lobster, Caribou-Chesuncook, Chamberlain, Eagle, Churchill, Allagash, or Caucomgomic Lakes are just some, ...remember that ponds are designated from lakes solely by depth. Look in the Atlas and you'll see quite a few ponds that are a mile+ in diameter.
here I went again, too much...

house renting and being alone
are somewhat at odds. Limited rentals if at all in the North Woods. Camping your best bet.

Grab an DeLorme for sure and head off to a back pond campsite.

Greenville probably has the best house rental options though (I dont know) people often stay in Chesuncook which I am told is not road accessible. (water only). However there are motorized vehicles around town.