Maine ponds

I’m looking for for some small, quiet lakes/ponds, where I can paddle 5-10 miles, with drive-in or paddle in camping in mid-September. Any suggestions?

Let’s see…

Otter Pond(east of Ragged L., T3R13 WELS)

Lobster L. (T3R14 WELS)

Burnham Pond (T2R6 BKPEKR)

First Roach Pond (TA R13 WELS)

Penobscot Pond (T1 R11-12 WELS)

West Branch Ponds (TA R12 WELS)



any campsites
at the ponds you listed? DeLorme’s only shows campsites at Lobster Lake.

Thanks for your response,


Maine Quiet Water Guide
from the Appalachian Mountain Club is worth the bucks.

I like Donnell Pond east of Ellsworth. Its like Acadia without the crowds. Beachfront camping and climb Schoodic Mountain for a terrific view.


Sorry for the absenteeisn…

Yes, Lobster…First Roach…~ok, but so-so, I like the campsites from the Jo-Mary side entrance(off of rte. 15…up from Brownville Jct.) eastward. Musquash ponds area…, but Lobster is an easy reach…and it is to be only accessible by paddle!

Caucongomic has sites… The Ragged Lake area is very versatile area…you can go many ways… Not sure about Chamberlain Lake, but Allagash Lake is certainly a nice area for campsites.


Thanks for the information. It looks like a good area to do a little exploring.


Lobsta, oh ya!
Lobster Lake is on my list of best places for paddle in camping. Beautiful and isolated.

I also camped at Indian Pond (west of Moosehead) at a site maintained by Florida Power and Light. It struck me as weird that a power company ran the site, and moreso that it was a company with “Florida” in the name. There are about five or ten sites at Pond side. There is drive-in access from Route 6 via several miles of dirt road. There may even be a sign at Rt 6 that says Indian Pond Road. I was there in August 2004 and was glad I was leaving on the weekend when a couple RVs rolled in. Maybe have the place to yourself in Sept. Its nice, but choose Lobster if you can swing it.


Chamberlain Lake
I just returned from a 4 day kayaking/ camping trip on Chamberlain Lake in northern Maine. What a great lake for paddling and camping.

We toured Mud brook area behind “gravel beach” campsite. We also crossed the lake to visit “Chamberlain Farm” You can also paddle to the very Northern part of the lake and visit the trains that have been there since the 1920’s. This lake is amazing. Lot’s of history behind this part of the Allagash waterway. If you can find the time, I highly recommend a trip here.