Maine Rivers

Anyone have some favorites? We’re looking for CI > CII weeklong tripping opportunities, with shuttle service available.

I spend summers in Maine and would love to explore more river trippin there.
Keep me in the loop on this one. I am on Sebec lake.

A couple of rivers that have some kind of riverside camping that have been suggested to me. I haven’t done them myself, but I hope to some day.

  • St Croix – Vanceboro to Kellyland. Good two/three nigh trip. Guaranteed water. Bring your passport. Self shuttle.
  • West Branch Penobscot – Roll Dam to Chesuncook Village. Could work as a three day trip. Probably would not be able to self shuttle.
  • Baskahegan Stream/Lake – Basically flat/fast water. Very pretty when the sun is shining.

Funny how these posts come back from the dead - looks like this one goes back to November.