Maine Sea Kayaking Guide Oral Exam

Hi! I have a Maine guide testing date coming up, and was wondering if anyone who has taken it could give me some guidance. I’ve taken a prep course, am experienced on the water, and feel ready for the written portion of the test. I am struggling with the chart and navigation material, so I’m wondering if anyone knows what kind of scenarios I’ll be given or how they usually handle that part.

You will get a question on lost paddler scenario. The utmost emphasis is on safety and you will have to use a chart and compass and calculate drift independently for yak and paddler according to wind and currents.
Any Maine Guide test has a lost person scenario.
That said, do not fear the test. You must be confident and fake it if necessary. If you flunk you will not be the first one, You can take the test again .

That said I took the test some 17 years ago for Sea Kayak and 19 for Maine Guide ( Sea Kayak is a separate category in Maine)

Taking the test reveals what you really do not know , not merely what you think you don’t know.

So go forth and try!