It looks like I will be moving to Maine late this year. What kind of freshwater fish will I be catching? Trout, salmon, pike, walleye, perch? I use a flyrod most of the time, but what hardware lures work well up there? Spinners, crankbaits? How about plastics?

Pre-frozen fish?
My sympathies to ya man. Hope you stay warm.

Mine fish
I just moved to ME myself.

I haven’t heard of any Walleye, but the rest that you mentioned are here, plus striped, big, and small mouthed bass.

Just about everything and everyone up here is fly friendly, too.

The only word you need to know…Searun Brookies! Mouth wets at thought

If they have pike naturally, then most likely walleye, since both frequent same types of water, and prefer north to near arctic conditions.

You will have to take up ice fishing for over half the year though.

Sounds fun…


Fish in Maine
Maine is first rate for fishing!

Not so many pike.

Try topwater lures for chain pickerel - lots of fun.

lots of Perch, yellow (real perch) and white (not real perch but loads of fun)

small and large mouth bass

some lakes have landlocked salmon

many streams may have brook or brown trout

Best book to get:

AMC Guide to Freshwater Fishing in New England: How and Where to Fish in All Six New England States

by Brian Kologe

Have a great time.


Try striped bass fishing in the scabrough marsh.I troll with a clauser minnow lots of fun. I havent heard of any walleye here but lots of togue(laker trout)Pike are invasive and are spreading. Lots of bass,trout, perch. good luck

Maine fishing!
What your in heaven or will be!

FIshing in MAine that is heaven! Trout, salmon, perch, sunnies, blugills, BASS DON’T forget the BASS!!! And Pickerel!

Where in MAine? Wish I could visit you!!!

Love to fish, love to hike, love to swim, love to canoe and KAYAK!


Nope, can’t forget them!! I caught a 5 lber last weekend on a 5 wt using a deer hair bug. Epic battle: reel screeching runs, deftly palming the reel to turn the fish, being towed in the kayak, whoo!! a real kick.

I’ll be right on the Canadian border. Near Presque Isle. I’ve got my eye on a cabin with 1500’ of frontage on the Prestile Stream!! Should be good fishing right out my front door. A topo map search shows some good lakes in the area as well. Squa Pan, Portage, Echo and a nice chain of lakes on the Fish River not too far north.

but never lose the yakfishing urge…

Actually, if you can stand the cold, Maine’s not a bad plce at all. Its rugged coastal beauty is astounding, and the kayaking can be fantastic. You should get in touch with Sedna -she’s a Maine guide, BTW -and aske about paddling from her. As for yakfishing -just pick up a coipy of a fishing guide or two -that’sll do…

ANd may you always, regardless of location, yakfish as you

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami