Mainstream/Dagger Cahaba 15 - looking for info

I recently purchased a used Mainstream Cahaba 15 and looking for some info. From the little bit of info I dug up (mostly on this forum), I was originally under the impression that this boat was a carbon copy of the Dagger reflection 15, but I don’t believe it is after looking at the specs of that boat.

The boat I purchased is labeled Mainstream in the middle and Cahaba 15 at the end. It is indeed Royalex and has an asymmetrical hull. It weighs about 62-63 lbs, length 15’ 1”, beam 36” at gunwales. It has a serial# tag indicating it was made by Dagger in 2002.

I was interested in this boat because it was close by, royalex, in great shape and $300 w/5 paddles, and I’ve been hunting a good cheap lightweight river tripping canoe. I owned a reflection 16 for 20 years and loved that boat but had to get rid of it for a move. I feel lucky to have stumbled on this boat which should serve me well, but I have a few questions about it that maybe someone knows…

Apparently Mainstream was the company formed from perception and dagger when they sold out…and this canoe has a dagger serial #, so what former model was it? From what I’ve seen, it is shorter than the Reflection 15, wider beam and heavier…so maybe it was a newer/or older mould? Or maybe a copy of another model I’m unaware of?

It doesn’t matter that much to me, I’m just interested honestly. I plan to add a middle seat to paddle solo and some skid reinforcement. Can’t wait to get it out!

Any other facts, history or info on this boat and/or company would be appreciated as well. Thanks and here’s some pictures or it…don’t think it’s working…will try later