Mainstream kayaks.

-- Last Updated: Jul-15-10 9:29 PM EST --

I can not find a web site for Mainstream brand kayaks. Does one exist? Do they not have there own company website?


not likely
Mainstream is a division of Watermark Paddlesports which is a division of Yakima (i believe they bought it a couple of years ago from Confluence Holdings, who markets Dagger, Wilderness Systems, Harmony and several other lines.) Their products are mass-market low-end Chinese-made rec boats sold mainly through high-volume discounters like D1ck’s and Amazon through low price point, not features or quality.

I worked in the outfitter business and it is rather typical that this type of product does NOT have a company website. First off, the people that buy them are not likely to be doing detailed model feature cross-comparisons and the volume is so high that it would be a costly nightmare to have to deal with the thousands of consumer inquiries, complaints, parts and repair requests that having such a site would inevitably generate. Not saying people don’t have fun with these boats and they do fill a consumer niche so no one should be defensive about owning one. But they are basically disposable.

I don’t think they are in production any longer and may have closed up last year sometime.

BTW, Watermark is now Confluence Watersports.