make of kevalr canoe

Hi can anyone tell me the manufacture by this SN- R085258.

Length 18.6 Kevlar.

Thanks Ron

Several here know how to look that up
but I don’t. Maybe a Sawyer? But it would be pretty old. They did make an 18.5 Kevlar fast cruiser back in the day.

Not the entire SN
That isn’t the entire serial no. In fact, I suspect it isn’t correct. There should be a letter as the 3rd- or 4th-last character. The whole SN is about 10 characters long. The first three characters are letters, and they indicate the manufacturer.

OK, by acknowledging, I’m bumping it
up to the top where the serial number experts may notice it.

A little description
A little description may help. Type seats, thwarts, gunnels, flotation chambers, etc and even if the canoe had any obvious structural components such as ribs, tunnel keel etc. I have most ALL the old Canoe magazines and there were many small manufacturers of Kevlar canoes back in the 80’s

Yeah, even a link to a photo or two.
Little style differences on older canoes can give their makers’ identity away. Even the sort of gunwale stock and how it is attached.

It may be unique to the manufacturer i.e. predates the hull numbering system now in use.

I’ll have to check our '73 Moore. That
was before the Age of Kevlar.

Mad River Endurall
1973 was the first Kevlar canoe… according to Mad River…

So 1973 wasn’t pre Kev . Not much to do with HIN…