makeing kayak from pop bottles

on natego now there is a show where they are makeing a boat from old pop bottles just thought ya all would like to watch it

Several years ago at the Chatahootchee
River race in georgia, the river keeper entered the race with a kayak that he built with soda bottles that he had picked up in the river.

The entire boat was built with river trash, including the seat which was a toilet set. His paddle was made from a crutcher that he also found floating in the river.

The boat was quite solid and he completed the entire ten miles of the rec course.

Jack L

i sure belive it
i live in ga and man o man so much trash in the lake

last year
last year two guys floated all the way from Seattle to Maui in a boat made of plastic bottles.

plastic bottle boats
We’re getting ready for our second annual Recycle Regatta for our boy scout troop in July. The kids make boats out of plastic bottles and race them on a simple course on the lake. It was a blast last year. I fell off my boat.

i love that kinda stuff
creativity at its finest