making a kayak stand

Looking to build a wood kayak rack, the kayak will be in a structure, off the floor protected from the sun and weather for the winter. Basically two inverted letter T’s with 2 x 4’s and a couple of cross braces - then a piece of 3" wide strapping attached between the uprights for the kayak to sit on. Would anyone have any suggestions as to how wide to make the stand?

4" wider than width of kayak minimum inside dimensions at the point you will place the straps. I made a few of them. Used 3 or 4" webbing I bought on ebay

I agree on the dimensions.
I used straps I got with one of my boats. The buckles were lousy but the straps were perfect.

bring straps over the 2x4’s and secure with three stainless steel finish washer and screws.

Near or about
The ones I have built I try to line the strap mounts up with the bulkheads, I also rotate the boat a quarter turn each month. I picked up both these tips from the helpful folks visiting this site.


With sides longer supporting strap ends

Add a foot, a floor runner off the bottom member running under yak hull with an angle member from foot to top plate.

Length of bottom playe is adjustable…add what is necessary.

Structure joined with ply corners, glue, screw nails.

Also possible using 2 rectangles plywood with flat perimeter of 1x

Simplest is screw hooks from ceiling joist.

I used…
…pressure treated 2x4s and poly straps to make a cradle for two kayaks. I used a few sturdy steel L and T brackets to stiffen it up. I made it 4" wider than my boats and I placed the straps close to where the bulkheads are. I put 4 castors on it so I could roll it around in my garage.

I got the webbing from

Line up straps at the bulkheads
My boats go on their sides and the straps are suspended about 4" wider than the suspended width, which is the distance from the deck to the keel since it’s on it’s side.

My boats hang from the rafters of an 8’ ceiling.