making a return trip to maine this summer, relivin' the glory years video

this will answer any questions you have about paddle sailing, camping with obnoxious boy scouts, how to paddle a swamped canoe, proof you don’t need flotation in a canoe for ww, and how wonderful aluminum canoes are. I’m pretty sure I’m wearin’ wool and not fleece, and the shirts are all long sleeved. All popular topics here on pnet… oops sorry…I meant pcom. I never can get with the times.

You guys got around - love the canoe going into the chipper at 0.51. I’ve been on the West Branch of the Penobscot (Seboomook), the Moose and the Dead. Hope to get back to the Dead this summer - haven’t been in a couple of years. So many great rivers up in ME - wish I could get up there more often. Love looking back at old pictures.

By the way, where are you going this summer?

Fun to watch. Even had a meal, but no lunch, plastic trash, snakes, sharks, sea kayaks, GP paddles, or ladies PFDs. Thanks I enjoyed it.

Very fun to watch. I ran the Allagash in 1976 in aluminum!