making a SUP

anyone know of any plans out there to build a ceder strip or sof SUP—thanks—phil

Not strip or SOF. Maybe you have seen this one out of plywood?

this guy makes his own …

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I believe there is a set of SUP pics in here with the waves skis.

These are really pretty skis and boards. He lives in Kona, Hawaii.

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One thing to consider is if you are going to make an SUP you likely are going to cover most of the top with a BIG traction pad or wax it up so you can actually stand on it, so your nice handwork will be hidden most of the time.

Wood SUP and such

you may want to check out Swaylocks (dot com). It’s a surfboard builders forum that’s been around for years. SUPs and hollow wood construction are spoken there and you’ll also find some of the best glassing/omposites knowledge around.

Good luck

Also. see, Paul Jenson

And, Fiberglass supply

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A kit

Check out Grain surfboards or Chesapeake Light Craft. They might get you started.

Aircraft carrier …

Actually, not bad
for a touring kind of use … Definitely not meant for surfing though…

making a SUP
i made my own from rigid insulation foam, see my blog link.'

Fiberglass Supply has a few, one designed by Tim NIemier the founder of Ocean Kayaks…

this one is sweet, a guy uses it in the 13m Round the Rock race annually in Seatle,

Wood Surfboard Supply:

Paul Jenson’s Hollow Surfboards,

2 YouTube build yourself’ers…


Kocho "Not bad "… compared to what ?

It just paddles fine …
I have not compared to other “long” boards so no idea where it falls on the scale of things comparable. I paddled one briefly in some wind chop and found it stable, tracked well, and surfed the small following “seas” very easy. Basically, it would go where pointed without feeling twitchy. It did not feel like a slug in the flat either…

its specs
Are close to a lot of competitive race boards.

Ryan L.