Making Coffee

I could swear this was covered before, but when I search for “coffee”, I get a slew of errors. So…

I’m pretty sure that there is some sort of device that is an all-in-one coffee-maker/mug. I’m looking for something that will use up a minimum amount of space in my boat.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about and where I’d find it?

French Press
I have never used one but I gave one as a gift.

I’m pretty sure you make coffee in your mug…

Got it at Starbucks… a little pricy… GH

Yep…French Press
is the way to go on taking up as little room and weight as possible if you’re making coffee on the way…but dear Lord, I DO love my old, blackend, perculator…

For day trips it’s fill up a 7-11 22oz thermal mug at the house…good for 3 hours minimum.

Plastic Camping Press/Mug
One of the fine folks here turned me on to Porter Products for the “Big Sky Bistro” mug/french press. It is exactly what I wanted for compact camping. I bought 3 of them. They make an excellent cup of coffee, one large mug at a time. Like any medium-range priced french press, they will still have a little “silt” in the bottom of the cup but thats ok. Check it out:

Yes, the dreaded french press,
now renamed, the “freedom” press, by the bush-cheney administration.

There are several models that are mugs and press in one, I would check campmor, or your local outfitter for such a device. Failing that, check the local coffee shop. I have one, but I do not know the brand. I love it dearly because it it is all things in one.

One cup coffee
How about something like this or this

You supply your own mug with either.

I like the espresso maker
The little aluminium job with the curved brass spout. Not real espresso and only makes one cup at a time but looks extravagent and it’s a neat design. I keep it displayed on the bookcase when not in the kayak.

Check this out

Or this

French Press Memories
Some of my favorite memories from guiding were waking up before any of my campers did. It is chilly out and mist is rising thick off the lake. When the sun comes up, it is like watching ten thousand golden ghosts leaving the lake - incredible.

I would canoe out into the lake to get new water, then go back to camp and start a fire. By the time I put the water on, the advisor(s) for the trip was awake. We’d sit there enjoying the warmth of the fire, meandering conversation, the silence of the wilderness, the lack of kids running around, and in a short time GOOD strong coffee.

I will not go on a canoe trip without my french press. When packing light for backpacking, I struggle with bringing it or not, mine isn’t exactly small. I usually bring it though.

It’s one of my favorite pieces of gear.

My vote’s for the MSR MugMate. Good enough that I use it at home, too.



Titanium press unit!
Way lite, way cool, way expensive. Titanium coffee maker!

I like the Coffee T-bags. Of course my Taste buds have been shot due to 20 years of Mil-Spec coffee. If you spoon cant stand up in it, its not GOOD coffee, and Lord help you if you can see through it!!

Skip Campmor and REI and all the other pricey outdoors oriented stores. Hike down to your local market and look in the coffee section for filters. There you will find one made by Melita. It’s a cone shaped deal you put on your coffee cup and a paper filter and grounds go in the top. Add boiling water and voila you’ve got good drip coffee.

Another Mug Mate
vote. Simple, easy, cleans quick.


The Old Fashion Way
I still use that dented, blackened ol’ perculator coffee pot that I have no idea where it came from. Takes up a little more space and is a pain to clean out but hell, I paddle a Disco and still drink Bud! Works for me! :wink:


Moka espresso

I have used this kind of machine since I started drinking coffee.

As long as you keep this machines in use they make great espresso. I use mine 3/4 times a day.

Another “secret”: do not use soap to clean it, just rinse it with fresh water.


That’s it!

Thanks David. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

How many people?
For one or two the mugmate is a high quality lighweight option. fill ui up all hte way and get 4 cups two mugs out ot it.

Winter I go for the tea bagged coffee.

Otherwise the combination french press-mug is interesting and can serve two but will be bitter at the end

I have also use a plastic melita on the trail for 4 folks worked fine.

I use a 2 cup Melitta. I have a coffee press but I like the taste of the coffee from the Melitta better and I find it easier to clean by putting the used filter in my trash bag rather than trying to rinse out the press. This filter holder colapses but I have not tried it.