Making composite boats

Am I crazy to want to make a composite boat?

I have been kicking around the idea of making a composite boat. I think if I mention it to my wife she may kill me. I have been looking online and there is a guy who has a book on making a kevlar canoe but he uses a male mold so you end up with a rough exterior. I would need to make a plug, usually a wood strip prototype. So unless I plan on making more then one I am better off using the strip boat.

Maybe I should just get a job building boats for someone else. Any builders out there hiring?

This site has some good info:

Cedar Strip makes a great boat
A cedar strip boat is a composite boat. In fact it is a very light, stiff and durable composite compared to the common composite kayaks. It will also maintain its stiffness for longer.

I think there would be a good market for cedar strip sea kayaks if someone would figure out how to mass produce them without so much labor.