Making corrections to the Paddling Locations map?

My question refers to the paddling map at Kayaking Near Me - Canoeing Near Me - Locations Map |

I’m accessing it via a browser on my laptop, not using an app.

Is there a way to correct “locations” that are simply completely wrong? For example, this one is labeled “South lake tahoe.” But the coordinates place it far away from Tahoe:

Another one…this is supposed to be for Rollins Reservoir but again is nowhere near it:

Another…supposedly for Portland, OR but the coordinates place it in Goldfield, NV where there isn’t much paddling! Portland or - Willamete |

I do see options to make some edits, but not to edit the coordinates.

Someone pointed out the “report” link I missed, which is at the very bottom of every location page. I reported these, I wonder if they’ll be deleted?