Making float/dry bags?

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Has anyone tried this?

What is HH-66 cement ?


Oops. I now see there is already a "Where to buy HH-66" thread.

Much Simpler Process
using heat sealable nylon and the bags are lighter and more pliable in varying temp conditions than vinyl. Made plenty of dry and custom float bags with heat sealable nylon.

Guess the only reason for Tom’s approach is if one wants to see the candy bar or cell phone in the bag…


Oh yeah, I hear clear bags are a good thing…


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Are you planning on keeping clean or dirty underwear in your drybag? ;)

Seriously, if you ever compare vinyl float bags with nylon ones, you'll notice that the former will weigh about 3 X more and doesn't last anywhere near as long.

But go for it 'cause DIY is a good and relatively less expensive way to find out.


PS. Love Tom's work in high performance, DIY folding kayaks. The dude is the best.

Heat sealable nylon…hands down.
Oxford thickness: , then click on heat sealable oxford.

Here’s a couple I’ve done:

Works well for floatbags too.

It’s very helpful to have a outdoor oriented sewing background and a fairly robust home sewing maching or commercial machine. If you don’t have that background and the sewing machine necessary, probalby best just to buy unless you want to invest that kind of time and money. Just my opinion. Good luck.

Sewing Machine Not Really Needed

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with the heat sealable, unless one wants to reinforce the edges with a trim material. The .5-.75" of heat-sealed, lapping edges hold up quite well without any reinforcing. Had made several sets of custom float bags for SOFs and some sets for the surf boats. These have held up for several years and still going.

The ease of the heat sealable is really in needing to just measure, cut and seal with an old iron. Okay, the tube fitting takes a bit of practice and some goop to insure an airtight seal.

Drybags... Made these out of scraps. Here a sewing machine is needed to put on the nylon webbing and buckle on the end for closing. If one uses thin nylon webbing, then an inexpensive home sewing machine will go through fine.

I agree if one is just interested in making little drybags, it ain't worth the trouble. Just buy them. If you need custom float bags, that's another story.


Yep, sewing machine only needed…
…for the dry bags, not the float bags. I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear.