Making my SOT tolerable

I was asked why I’m making an effort to make my SOT tolerable rather than just buy a pack canoe.
1- A do plan on getting a new canoe, but delivery isn’t expected till next March.
2- This boat only cost me $400, but I still want to get some use out of it.
3- The challenge.
I removed a bunch of stuff and installed a foam seat pad, foam blocks to press my knees against, and a foam pad to keep the rounded top of the seat back from digging into my spine.
When at the lake or river, I put a water bag in the rear storage area, which adds stability and aids tracking.
The boat still paddles like a garbage scow, but it’s way better than the way it came from the store.

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You do what you gotta do. It works.

Add thigh straps not to much money. Gives you more control of the hull.

I love my SOT’s. They are solid reliable boats which have afforded me countless days of fun