Making my Wenonah Advantage go straight

I have an ultra-light Advantage. I bought it for training purposes to prepare for marathon racing (C2). I consider myself fairly experienced, as i’ve done a fair amount of paddling and racing over the years.

So, with a bent shaft paddle, and sit and switch method, i find that the Advantage requires switching every 5-8 strokes. And if its a bit windy, forget about it. Once that boat takes off in a certain direction (other than straight), it takes a lot of effort to get it corrected.

I’ve tried some leaning (and you can really lean it w/o going over). I haven’t tried decking the boat, as i like to take my dog.

It may be my imagination, but the boat seems to track better with more weight. I weigh 180.

Thanks for any pointers.

Sure it tracks better with more weight.
I’m just guessing, but perhaps a >slight< lean away from the paddling side would also help increase the time between switching.

Man, I go 3
on a side in flatwater. 6 or 8 and I’d be dizzy.

Maybe get it
into faith based counselling or try a pill

For asking this and for the answers.

I’m getting a J boat this spring and I expect the learning curve will be interesting.

Just so I’m sure I’m getting this.

You guys are suggesting that these boats are trimmed slightly bow heavy so that as the speed comes up they squat level?

Does anybody use a spirit level as a training aid?

BTW I generaly get 3 to 4 a side in my Osprey. Speaking from no experience in marathon style boats, it seems as though I should get more in a less rockered hull at least on calm water. No?

Thanks again,


how big
is your dog ? My guess is that your dog is really offsetting your trim. A 50 lb dog in the bow will make an advantage completely unruly. I put a stick on camper level in my solo canoes makes trimming really easy .you might have to bring some ballast along when you have the dog with. I find my advantage handles wind well ,I don’t usually paddle like I am racing, but in normal touring mode I can paddle on one side until my body says I have to change .

Good luck ,


I don’t count

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The number of strokes when paddling my J-200 but it most likley is in the 4-5 range even in that zero rocker boat. I just sense when it is time to switch. I may not have perfect form as some racers and I am no where near as fast but I can pretty much put the boat right where I want it. I think time in the seat is what is needed. I am lucky enough to have about 30 plus years in that style boat.
Tommy the Nashua River from 119 in Groton upstream to R2A and back is a great run in a J boat. Little or no motor boat traffic and fairly well protected from the wind.

Thanks for the responses
My questions are answered. Turns out a lot of switching is normal. I didn’t know that.

Secondly, my dog usually sits in back, which could explain why the boat handles better w/dog than w/o dog…If i’m bow heavy, then the dog likely makes me a little bow light…or just right. So, i’ll scoot my seat back.

Thanks for the info! is scary
Surely it’s a joke, surely it’s a joke … but I had to check.

– Mark