Making plans for a trip next spring

Sometimes life deals you cards you hadn’t expected. I haven’t been able to go on a canoe trip for quite a few years, and now I’m running out of time. I’m 67 and have health issues. I may not have many more years I can even do a trip. So I’m planning one for next spring and hoping for the best.
There aren’t many (Any?) rivers on my bucket list, that I haven’t already done, and I’m still capable of. So I’m returning to my favorites. The Green and Colorado. There are three sections I’ve done at least twice each. The Colorado from just below Moab to Spanish Bottom, the Green from Ruby Ranch to Mineral Bottom and the Green from Mineral Bottom to the Confluence with the Colorado (or Spanish Bottom). There is one small section I still haven’t done and that’s from Green River State Park (I believe that’s what it’s called) to Ruby Ranch. It’s not a spectacular section, but it gnaws at me that I haven’t done it. So one likely choice would be to float from the state park at Green River, Utah to Mineral Bottom. At least a five day trip and likely 6 or 7.
I just got my new Belknap’s Canyonlands River Guide and I ordered another guide. I should have my new canoe by next spring and I need to start looking for others to go on the trip. I like to have at least three boats for safety reasons, though I’ve done trips with just two. I might list the trip with my canoe club, but I’d rather choose who goes and who doesn’t

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sounds like a worthy endeavor. Sometimes I look at a map and want to fill in the gaps for a stretch I’ve missed. Not really rational but brings a bit of closure once you’ve done it.

Good routes. I like the country, but it can be really hot in summer. I like to read the Journal of JWP at night.

A friend paddled from the confluence back to Moab in a canoe by eddy hopping.