Making Pungo more comfortable

I have a six year old Wilderness Systems Pungo Angler 12 that I generally like. But after about an hour of paddling and fishing my 65 year old rear end starts to complain and my back gets crampy too. I understand the new Pungos have a different type seating that is a big improvement; but I’'m guessing it is unrealistic or impossible to retrofit my boat. Is there some way I can make this thing more comfortable for extended paddling and fishing?

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Hey don’t you know . . .
that at our age, we are suppose to be retired to the “rocking chair” ?

I’ve been told several times to “act my age”, but heck i’m on my 2nd childhood !

I too “yak” & fish.

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Oh and about the yak seat - i haven’t found anything that works very good myself.

call your dealer
I can’t recall specifically where, but I read some older Wildy boats could be retrofitted with the Phase Three seating.

Ride on air…
I have spent asmuch as nine hours in my lil Scout fishing like a fool. The most comfortable seats I’ve used are air-filled. They will make you ride 1/2" - 1" higher which may slightly increase the tippiness factor but the trade off is worth it in my book.

I found some little camping pillows that are water resistant and only cost about $4 each that work pretty well. I don’t fully inflate them… just enough to keep my backside off the hard plastic seat. It has to be adjusted occassionally because it’ll move around but it’s no big deal to adjust it.

Not a perfect answer but give it a try. For $4 you aren’t taking a big risk.

Oh yea… I alternate the position of my foot rests too. Bring them closer for a while, let them out for a while. etc… Seems to help a little bit.

air cushion
stadium seat air cushion works well and they are adjustable

WS’s sister company (Voyageur) makes a seat back extension as well as the “derierre” The “D” is an inflatable combo seat and back that fits over the standard Pungo seat. It works real well as you can vary the pressure and it also has a lumbar support.

The phase 3 seat will fit in the original Pungos but Wildy will not sell them as a separate item. My faithful dealer has tried several times with no luck.

Try the derierre (spelling?) . . . it should solve your problem


Retro Seat
I bought a gel seat from YAKPADS.COM and I have seen several good retro seats at The Seattle seat is self-inflating, both have backs and straps to secure them. I take my gel seats to the Cal Bear games (wood bleacher seats) and it makes watching Cal beat up on the other Pac 10 teams so much more enjoyable (smile).

Hemmorhoid cushion
An inflatable donut like folks use for cushioning their tusch when they have 'rhoids has worked for some folks I know. I’ve not tried it myself, but it sure makes sense being that’s what they’re for and they’re pretty inexpensive.

I have the lower back thing too. I wear a neoprene belt that’s designed for weightlifters that helps a lot. The real stiff belts with locking straps aren’t any good because they just dig into my belly. But this neoprene belt with velcro works very nicely in the 'yak. It’s absolutely awful for lifting.

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Pungo yak seat comfort
Fishin Fool,

Thanks for responding to my query about improving kayak fishing comfort for my aging back and behind. Thanks to the bulletin board I found a combination air cushiioned seat back and but pad called the DerAi for 32.95 for my yak. It’s sold by the Appomattox River Company (1-800-442-4837) for 32.95. I’m going to order it and see how well it works. It might be made specifically for the Pungo, but I’m not sure of that.

Best wishes,

Gary Clabaugh

I use a Yak Pak as described below in another response AND a thigh cushion. That really helps EVERYTHING, the legs, the back. You may want to check those out.