Making stuff for your boat

I’m considering making a rod-holder or something for my sit inside kayak. Anyone have any experience/pictures/advice/ places to look for advice?


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Rod holreds no problem. All you haft to do is go out and buy a flush mount rod holder from your local spoeting goods store. Then go out and paddle and pay attention to where your elbows swing while you are paddling so that you do not place your holders where thaty will interfeer with your paddling. once you have a spot located simply drill a hole and mount your rod holder. Before you bolt them down all the way apply some silicone around the hole to waterproof it. Ohyeah when you drill the holes beshure to use a whole saw and save the cut out to use to seal the bottom of the rod holder.

Good luck I hope that this post helps.


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Cool idea, is there any product out there where I don't have to drill, but that still might be effective?

you can cet rod holders that are not flush mount that hold the rod above the boat but you still haft to bolt the to the deck of the boat I have pics of my rod holders that I Will try to get for you.

picture link

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Here is a link to my webshots page. Give me a bit and i will have the pics of my rodholders on there.

rod holder pictures are now on the site.

Is your kayak a sit-on top or SINK?
For all sorts of rigging solutions you may want to check out Mostly, you’ll find SOT rigging solutions. As for rod holders, I mounted a flush mount for a Scotty rod holder on my kayak. Its pop rivieted in. I’ll have to look, but I believe the Scotty flush mount is sealed on the bottom.

You don’t have to cut or drill

You can attach a rod holder without cutting holes or bolting to the boat hull. My commercially made rod holder base is bolted to a wooden frame fishing box that attaches and detaches solidly and easily to my kayak.

I made a low walled box of 1x3 western red cedar boards, slightly trapezoidal in shape to fit the foredeck of my kayak. (Cedar is light weight, and more important I had some on hand). The rod holder base (Scotty? Roddy?) is bolted to the inside of the frame, center of the deck in front of me, far enough ahead that it doesn’t interfere with paddling. I lean forward slightly to insert the fishing rod or take it out. The base doesn’t extend above the edge of the near cedar board, and the rod holder pops in or out, and rotates 360 degrees, from horizontal to vertical. You could put two or more rod holder bases on the box, one on each side, etc.

The box is glued and screwed together, sized so that the corners are positioned above the four recessed bungee attach points on the foredeck of my sit in Sun Velocity. The longitudinal side boards extend about two inches past the corner, and each of those extensions has a ¾ inch hole drilled in it. So that makes for a hole in each corner of the box for attaching it to the deck. I attach it by running releasable plastic cable ties through the hole in the board and around the bungee cords that converge under each corner. I could run it through the recessed holes in the deck, but the bungees are easier to reach and hold the box virtually rigid. You could attach it with parachute cord or use regular cable ties but you’d have to cut that kind of cable ties to detach them.

Would show pics but I don’t have a digital camera. I can attach the fishing box in about two minutes or less, and take it off as quickly, and have a clean bare boat for non fishing trips. No holes or modifications. Rod holder is solid as a rock, no wobble or flex. I attach a lot of other stuff to the box rather than to the kayak, and have notches in the tops of the boards to keep paddle from rolling off of the deck, etc. but those are off topic.

The Velocity has a flat foredeck which is nice for fishing stuff, but boards could be shaped to fit any curve or angles

Nice idea
Thanks for the idea on the box-mounted gear. I’ve seen the milk-crate pictures on one website for above the deck mountings. I haven’t seen anything for below deck boxes.

Appreciate the pictures too, for the rear-mounted rod holders.

Does anyone fly-fish from their boat?


Here’s a loooooooooooong link to a pic of the crate & rod holders I use on my SIK.

If the link doesn’t work feel free to e-mail me and I’ll send you a pic or three if you’d like. The only permanent modification to the boat was the addition of four eyelets.

Mine is kinda like Okanagan’s except that his sounds a lot prettier having been hand crafted with cedar. The other major difference is thaqt mine IS mounted aft to carry my spare rods. Wish he had a pic or three, that box sounds pretty. Mine is a low profile “coke crate” instead of the usual milk crate. I used the coke crate because it is shorter and helps to reduce wind resistance. It only sticks up as high as the average milk crate in the tankwell of an SOT. Not “perfect” but manageable.

I really like using the Scotty rod holders cuz I can angle to rods away from my backcast when fly fishing. (BTW… the Scotty fly rod holders will also hold most spinning gear. Academy Sports has the best price on them by far. $18 vs. $29 at other places. The regular Scotty’s, like those in the pic, are only $14 at Academy.)

On subsequent crates I’ve made for our other boats (SIK’s) I mounted Scotty’s to the crates but elevated them as much as 8”-10” to make them easier for me to reach.

Help design a better rod holder!
Thanks for the picture! It’s great to see what other people are doing. I’m working on a school project to design a better rod holder and your information is critical to helping me understand what things people care about when fishing and kayaking. (I’m a novice myself!)

If you have a few minutes, I’d appreciate it if you’d answer this survey.

Also, if you have other ideas or home-grown solutions to fishing from a Sit in Kayak, please keep them coming!

Two questions, did you mount the basket on the front or back of your kayak? Also, is the aluminum you used channel or angle?

It’s mounted right behind the seat and I used 2" angle. On another crate I used good ole 1" x 4" wood and painted it.

To mount one rod holder in front of me I made a little deck and attached a Scotty to the deck. The crate carries my two spare rods.

Thought that is where they were located.
I’ve got a flush mount Scotty on the front deck. So far, I like it, no problems with water getting into it, but I don’t fish salt…to far to drive with gas prices, though those are going down. Also have a Tite Lock on the right rear just behind the cockpit. Don’t like the rear holder too much, maybe I’m old, but its not easy to turn around and work it. Also have a platform I built on the front…sorta a partial spray skirt as well as a place to put may tackle box and soft-side cooler.