making video's

I have an 8mm camcorder, about 8 yrs old. I want to make videos of canoeing and transfer them to my PC. It has USB plug-in, but I think i need software. Anyone know anything??

does it have video and phono jacks?

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...or a cord with those plugs on the other end?

it has usb

search into: westcoastpaddler

then: sea kayak forum

find and watch : Phillip.AK

and Dunneryak

i guess i need a driver. I found the software that came with, but the driver isnt compatible with Win 7.

buy a used mac
it will come with iMovie and cost less than buying all the upgrades you need for windows 7. Decent ones cost $200 and the old version of iMovie is better than the recent ones.

go to your local walmart or staples
and you may find what you need- a little box with cords running to and from it. My old paddling footage was vhs and I switch it over by playing the tapes in a vcr and downloading the new format on the computer via “the box”. Then I did some rough edits and an online program uploaded them to facebook or utube or I could have burned a dvd if I wanted. You’ll play the footage in the camera and run through the box and then into computer.

Not a major expense-probably around $30.00 just a little time consuming.


Digital cameras are so cheap

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that you might be better off just buying a new camera. It would definitely be easier to get video transferred to your computer. I use my Pentax Optio for video, and it works great. In terms of editing software, I use iMovie, but there are lots of inexpensive options for PC.

Some of the older models have USB ports, but won’t be able to export to your computer without a firewire cable. Then you need drivers, etc. Plus, unless the format they export in requires no conversion, you’re going to have a really “fun” time trying to get the exported files into something you can see and show on the PC or the web.

Then you have the issue of having an electronic device in a wet environment in the first place.

I tried the route you’re trying and found that it wasn’t worth it.

Better to buy a Gopro or any other modern video producing hardware that is in a waterproof case. In fact, you can find lots of these used that are only a couple of years old and not at all outdated for your uses.

Just make sure you have some footage of an attractive female that you can use as the thumbnail photo when you upload to YouTube and you should get at least one zillion views.

invest in digital
Most smart phones have HD quality video capability, and shooting in a digital format makes editing and transferring much easier than older “camcorder” formats. You will be much happier with the quality. If you have to invest in a cable or software for your current system ($30-$60), you are better off using that towards a waterproof (or resistant) digital video camera or digital camera with video. You can find an adequate setup for between $100-$200 new and maybe cheaper used.